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We are committed to our goal of helping our clients take control of their financial lives.

Investment Manager

A solid financial plan begins with an investment strategy. At WFA we are committed to developing an investment strategy that is tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Tax Planning

Retirement Planning

Successful retirement planning is based on analyzing accurate information regarding each client’s particular situation and goals.

Estate Planning

Anyone who owns property; a home, a car, a bank account, investments, a retirement plan, personal belongings, etc. needs an estate plan.


Our team of financial investment, tax, and estate planning advisors is here to ensure you have the security and stability to provide peace of mind, while achieving and enjoying your financial success.

Five Tax-Smart Ways To Transfer Your Wealth

If you're like most well-to-do people, one of your main financial objectives is to transfer wealth to your heirs with a minimum of tax erosion. Several estate planning techniques could help you move closer to that elusive goal. Consider these five opportunities:

IRS Closes Valuation Loopholes

The IRS has issued new proposed regulations for valuations of business interests under Section 2704 of the tax code. These long-awaited regulations are designed to close several loopholes for federal estate and gift purposes.

Tune Into The Tax Break For NUA

NUA isn't the latest channel available on your cable TV system. It stands for "net unrealized appreciation"-a little-known gem of a tax break for those who take payouts in the form of company stock from a 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Retiring Abroad? Be Ready To Take The Bad With The Good

For some Americans, retiring to a tropical island is a dream that has turned into reality. However, it's not always what it is cracked up to be, according to a new survey by the Best Places in the World to Retire website.

Inoculating The Economy Amid Jitters Over A President Trump

Janet L. Yellen, the Fed chair, introduced the topic of hysteresis in an October 14 speech. To inoculate the markets worldwide as well as her fellow members of the Fed Board of Governors against the possibility that the U.S. central bank will run a "high-pressure" economy and maintain low rates for longer than expected, she announced her intention to try to cure hysteresis.

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At WFA Asset Management Corporation, we are responsible for our clients' financial dreams.

This responsibility is both a commitment and an honor. It defines who we are as a company. Implicitly, we pledge to place the needs of our clients first, and to offer advice that is free from conflicts of interest.

Our advice focuses on providing our clients with unbiased guidance to clarify their long-term investment objectives, to create sound investment plans, and to use objective research in determining ultimate investment decisions. We maintain our commitment further through continuing education, to stay current on financial and regulatory issues affecting our clients.

By staying committed to our goal of helping investors take control of their financial lives and by striving to provide the very highest standard of service, we seek to remain worthy of the great trust our clients place in WFA Asset Management Corporation and in each of us.